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  Virtual Labs
  Articles and Links
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute:
    The Howard Hughes Medical Institute offers virtual labs in different subjects as a means of spreading education about science and technology. These include the transgenic fly virtual lab, the bacterial identification lab, the cardiology lab, the neurophysiology lab and the immunology lab.
  • Virtual Labs and Simulations:
    The page is a collection of links to sites on the web that have computerized simulations of physics principles. These include a number of links on fundamentals, mechanics, momentum, rotational mechanics, thermodynamics, optics, waves, astrophysics, and other topics in physics.
  • I-labs:
    iLabs (promoted my MIT) is dedicated to the proposition that online laboratories – real laboratories accessed through the Internet - can enrich science and engineering education by greatly expanding the range of experiments that students are exposed to in the course of their education. Unlike conventional laboratories, iLabs can be shared across a university or across the world. The iLabs vision is to share expensive equipment and educational materials associated with lab experiments as broadly as possible within higher education and beyond.
"Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. We welcome suggestions from the readers to make the list more comprehensive."
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