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  Open (Free) Courseware
  Articles and Links
  • MIT Open Courseware-
    MIT OCW is a large-scale, web-based electronic publishing initiative whose goals are to: Provide free, searchable access to MIT’s course materials for educators, students, and self-learners around the world, and extend the reach and impact of MIT OCW and the “opencourseware” concept.
  • SOFIA – Sharing of Free Intellectual Assets
    As of February 2006, content for eight courses was available online freely thru the Sofia open content initiative. The Sofia project is an open content initiative launched by the Foothill – De Anza Community College District with external funding support.
  • JHSPH Open Courseware
    The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s OpenCourseWare (OCW) project provides access to content of the School’s most popular courses. Includes undergraduate and graduate subjects available on the Web, free of charge, to any user anywhere in the world.
  • Tufts Open Courseware -
    Tufts open courseware includes course content in: life sciences, with a multidisciplinary approach, an international perspective, and an underlying ethic of service.
  • Utah State University OpenCourseWare -
    USU OCW is a free and open educational resource for faculty, students, and self-learners throughout Utah and around the world. OCW supports USU’s mission to serve the public through learning, discovery, and engagement.
  • Open Learning Initiative at Carnegie Mellon -
    A collection of “cognitively informed,” openly available and free online courses and course materials that enact instruction for an entire course in an online format.
  • Information Management Resource Kit (FAO) -
    The Information Management Resource Kit (IMARK) is a partnership-based e-learning initiative to train individuals and support institutions and networks world-wide in the effective management of agricultural information. IMARK consists of a suite of distance learning resources, tools and communities on information management. IMARK is being spearheaded by FAO in collaboration with over 30 partner and contributing organizations.
  • THE OCW Consortium.-
  • EduCommons-
    eduCommons is an OpenCourseWare management system designed specifically to support OpenCourseWare projects like USU OCW. EduCommons will help you develop and manage an open access collection of course materials.
  • Hewlett Foundation-
    Among the projects that the Foundation has underwritten in whole or in part are MIT’s OpenCourseWare program, which has published virtually all MIT courses on the program’s Web site; Carnegie Mellon University’s Open Learning Initiative, a highly interactive approach designed to measure the effectiveness of the teaching; African Virtual University’s development of an open educational resources strategy, which provides digital and printable material to train teachers in sub-Saharan Africa; and Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization that helps creators of intellectual property preserve a range of rights while sharing content.
  • A few more universities and initiatives that offer open courseware are:
    • AESharenet, Australia
    • Athabasca University, Canada
    • Guadalajara University, Mexico
    • Japan Open Courseware Consortium (JOCW)
    • John Hopkins University, USA
    • Macquarie University, Australia
    • Monterrey University, Mexico
    • Open University, UK
    • Stockholm Institute, Sweden
    • "La téléuniversité" TELUQ, Canada (French Language Open University)
    • Tufts University, USA
    • University of Crete, Greece

"Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. We welcome suggestions from the readers to make the list more comprehensive."

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