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  Medical Education

16th October, 2007

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

The quality, the quantity, distribution and availability of human resources for the health sector in India at present, need to be improved substantially to deliver care-driven, rural oriented and equitable health services. Over the years, health related education and training has become more urban oriented, doctor-centric and technology-driven. The environment of medical education needs to be both nationally sensitive and globally competitive. To realize these objectives, our medical education system needs radical reforms.

The National Knowledge Commission (NKC) therefore considered it imperative to carry out a comprehensive appraisal of the system. For this purpose, we constituted a Working Group which included some of the most distinguished members of the medical profession in India, chaired by Dr. Sneha Bhargava, former Director, AIIMS. The names of the members of the Working Group are listed in the annexure. Based on the inputs provided by the Working Group and our consultations with concerned stakeholders, we recommend the following:

1. Regulation and accreditation
  • Regulation: At present, medical education in India is regulated by the Medical Council of India (MCI). This system of regulation is neither adequate nor appropriate to meet the needs of the profession. Therefore, in conformity with our recommendations on Higher Education, we propose constitution of a Standing Committee within the structure of the Independent Regulatory Authority for Higher Education (IRAHE). The primary function of the Standing Committee will be to ensure that medical practice and teaching are updated and revised regularly and minimum quality standards are maintained. The members of the Standing Committee would include faculty from recognized universities, practicing physicians, members of civil society, students and a director from autonomous institutions representing educators. The Chairman and the members of the Standing Committee would be accountable to IRAHE. The Standing Committee would look into manpower planning and development based on disease-profile, doctor-population ratio and skill-mix ratio.
  • Professional Councils: The Indian Medical Council Act should be amended such that MCI functions only as a professional association, with powers to conduct nationwide examinations, and to provide licenses for those who wish to join the profession. Similar changes are needed for all the other Councils viz. Nursing Council, Pharmacy Council, Dental Council and Rehabilitation Council



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