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  NKC State Level Initiatives
  Many of the subjects on which the National Knowledge Commission has submitted recommendations fall within the purview of the State Governments. Implementation of most of the recommendations, be it reform of existing Universities, revitalising libraries in the region, introduction of English in schools, are all initiatives that need to be undertaken at the state and district level. In light of this, NKC has successfully engaged with several State Governments to formulate knowledge initiatives at the state level. It is working with 26 States and 3 Union Territories for implementation of its recommendations. Key highlights include:
  • All States have appointed nodal offi cers and departments for implementation of NKC recommendations.
  • Many State Governments are preparing blueprints for reform based on NKC recommendations. These include Rajasthan, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. The Delhi Government has already approved an action plan for implementation of NKC's recommendations.
  • Several states are evaluating setting up a State Board of Undergraduate Education to reduce the burden of affi liating colleges on Universities. These Boards would aim to separate the academic functions from the administrative functions and provide quality benchmark.
  • Karnataka and Sikkim has started a Knowledge Commission to lay the groundwork for reforms in the knowledge sector in the state. Rajasthan has set up a Rajasthan Knowledge Corporation Limited for promoting IT education and application of IT systems for process improvement and knowledge delivery.
  • As part of the National E-governance Project (NeGP), six state governments - Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Chandigarh, Delhi and Tripura have implemented State Wide Area Network (SWAN) and in 18 states implementation is in process.

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