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  Knowledge Initiatives in the Eleventh Five Year Plan
  Innovation (Volume I: Inclusive Growth)
  • Put in place a National Innovation Policy whichencourages competition among enterprises, greaterdiffusion of knowledge and increased support toearly stage technology development initiatives andgrassroot level innovators.
  • Foster increased collaboration among the R&Dinstitutes, Universities and private sector enterprisesand leverage upon their cumulative strengths indesigning and implementing various innovationprograms.
  • Create new interface structures to forge partnershipsbetween academia and industry.

School education (Volume II: Social Sector)
  • Reorient Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan bringing in a strongrights focus to make Right to Education a reality:ensure basic learning conditions, special focus onMath, Science & English, Common Syllabi andCurriculum and Pedagogy.
  • Gradually reduce Central Government?s fundingover the Plan period rather than move immediatelyto 50:50.
  • Ensure minimum standards and norms forpublic and private schools and address systemicissues of accountability and decentralisation ofdecision making, teacher recruitment, teachertraining, learning outcome measurement, teachermotivation.
  • Recognise and encourage the role of privateproviders.
  • Special focus on disadvantaged groups andeducationally backward areas.
  • Scheme for Universal Access and Quality at theSecondary Stage; set up 6000 Model Schools onein each Block, upgrade 15000 primary schoolsto secondary level, additional infrastructure andadditional teachers, hundred per cent trainedteachers.
  • Use ICT based pedagogy and learning aids, providebroadband connectivity to all the Government andGovernment aided secondary schools.
  • Strengthen teacher training and professionaldevelopment.

Higher & technical education(Volume II: Social Sector)
  • Expansion, inclusion and rapid movement in qualityby enhancing public spending, encouraging privateinitiatives and initiating the long overdue majorinstitutional and policy reforms, will form the coreof the XI Plan effort.
  • Improve quality: work on a detailed reformsagenda including: a) admission, curriculum andassessment; b) accreditation & ratings; c) teacherscompetence and motivation; and d) restructureaffi liated colleges and research for policyformulation.
  • An apex Independent regulatory mechanismaccompanied by greater autonomy and internalaccountability; establish a High level committee tosuggest specific Reforms
  • Quantitative Expansion through establishment ofnew government and private funded institutionsand increased intake in existing institutions.
  • Reduce disparities based on gender, caste, region etc.through differential support.
  • Establish 30 new Central Universities, 16 in Stateswhere they do not exist and 14 as World Class Universities (all India admissions, course credits,regular syllabi revision, Incentives for faculty, stronglinkage with industry and research institutions,no affi liated colleges, outsource non teachingfunctions).
  • Establish 8 new IITs, 7 new IIMs, 10 new NITs,3 IISERs, 20 IIITs and 2 new SPAs.
  • Provide fl exibility to universities to raise feesaccompanied by scholarships, fellowships andstudent loans.
  • Establish a National Science & Engineering ResearchBoard for rejuvenation of research in Universities.
  • Launch a national Mission in education throughICT coverage in all the Universities and colleges;broadband connectivity through NationalKnowledge Network and requisite nodes withininstitutions; to be implemented through anEmpowered Committee.
  • Revitalise and reform polytechnics through industrylinkage and teacher development, establish 210community colleges and 700 polytechnics.
  • Strengthen Open Universities and reform statutory bodies, scale up SAKSHAT as the education portalfor 50 crore people.


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