National Knowledge Commission
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  Science and Technology
  Science and Technology ("S&T") is a sine qua non to ensure economic and societal advancement. Leadership in S&T is an indispensable facet of knowledge creation and application. Progress in S&T is a significant factor in opening new avenues for industry and in a developing country like India, an engine for providing crucial knowledge services.

In order to be a leader in the global arena, it is imperative that India emerges as a leader in S&T areas. There is need to give further impetus to the scale and scope of research activities being carried out within the country. There is need to improve the research landscape of the country through various measures intended at ensuring better R&D.

Some of the issues under consideration of National Knowledge Commission are:
  • Identifying and removing hurdles in obtaining funding for research
  • Identifying some of the major unsolved problems in S&T, where India can play a significant leadership role
  • Identifying and setting up of studies on futuristic interdisciplinary areas in S&T
  • Envisaging the use of S&T as a crucial tool for development and facilitating the use of S&T to solving problems of the poor and the underprivileged
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