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  A web portal is essentially a web site or service that offers a single point of access to information on a given subject and allows users to share and create a broad array of resources and services, such as case studies, e-mail groups, forums, search engines, within that sector. The NKC recognises that as the drive towards decentralization, right-to-information, people's participation and transparency sweeps the country, tools like public portals can play an important role in ensuring that more people exercise their rights.

In this context NKC has adopted the following procedure for setting up of public portals on certain key sectors:
  • Identification of champion/lead organization/s.
  • Submission of proposal on architecture of the portal by the champion organization/s for consideration of the Commission.
  • Identification of stakeholders and partners and setting up of framework for portal management.
  • Development of content.
  • Launch of Portal
India Water Portal is being developed by Arghyam Trust, a public charitable trust. Initiated in January 2006, it is due to be launched in December 2006.

The portal seeks to create an open platform for sharing information and knowledge about the Water sector. The primary objectives of the portal are:
  1. Increase awareness and demystify various aspects of water management for a general audience.
  2. Share successful techniques and experience amongst serious practitioners
  3. Provide a platform for information flows between multiple stakeholders.
India Energy Portal is being developed along similar lines. The broad functions of the energy portal would include the following.

  1. Identification of sources and providing essential knowledge on basic aspects of energy
  2. Providing data and information in a comprehensive manner.
  3. Enabling efficient and effective retrieval of information.
  4. Maintaining and updating the knowledge repository.
  5. Providing a platform for interaction and exchange of ideas.
A proposal for developing an India Environment Portal received from the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), is under consideration of NKC.

Preliminary work has also commenced on developing an India Education and a Citizen's Rights portal. Lead agencies are being identified.
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