National Knowledge Commission
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ارد و தமிழ் नेपाली মণিপুরী ଓଡ଼ିଆ ગુજરાતી

  Open and Distance Education
  Almost half the students enrolled in higher education are receiving education through the distance mode, i.e. through the open universities or though the correspondence courses of traditional universities. But issues of brand equity of distance education (acceptability of students for higher degrees and suitable employment) persist. There is also an unprecedented opportunity with regard to open courseware. There have already been great developments with regard to the broadband and internet infrastructure needed to facilitate the spread of open courseware, this needs to be further developed in the country. Further a repository of such material could be developed by national experts for use across institutions.

Some of the issues under consideration of National Knowledge Commission are:
  • Using high-end technology for distance education
  • Broadband and internet connectivity to establish virtual classrooms
  • Distributed repositories of open courseware and resources in the country
  • Industry should be involved in developing OCW, establishing standards, interoperability
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