National Knowledge Commission
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  Management Education
  In recent years there has been a proliferation of vocational educational institutes in our country. In particular, we have also seen an unprecedented number of technical and management institutions being set up since the early 1990's mostly through private capital. The students now have a vast choice regarding the institutions in which they want to study. In the field of management education India has more than 1200 institutions providing undergraduate and post-graduate level courses. Since the management graduates and post-graduates produced by these institutions are primarily absorbed by industry, there is a growing need to match the curriculum and structure of management education to better fit the needs of India and sensitive to the changes in both in the industrial and services sectors within the country. Moreover, it is important to properly assess the quality of management education imparted to the students of the various institutions for proper decision-making regarding selection and recruitment by potential employers. Thus there is a need of measuring quality of the education provided by these mostly private organisations.

Some of the issues under consideration of National Knowledge Commission are:
  • Constraints, problems and challenges relating to curriculum, teaching, infrastructure, administration and access.
  • Methods of strengthening teaching and research in the management of public systems (including state governments and local governments), regulatory structures and public policy.
  • Methods of attracting and retaining talented faculty members.
  • Measures to promote and sustain the research in management education.
  • Issues of autonomy and accountability of institutions.
  • Innovative means of raising standards and promoting excellence in management education situated in the wider context of society.
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