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  Legal Education
  Legal Education as an aspect of professional education has assumed considerable significance, not only in terms of the historical utility of law in society but also in the current context of globalization. Legal education is a vital link in the creation of knowledge concepts as well as in the application of such concepts in society. The need for trained law personnel in academia, litigation, corporate practice, government and civil society has increased significantly over the last few years and it is estimated that the demands for such trained personnel will rise far more exponentially in the years to come. There is therefore need to articulate a clear long term vision on legal education in India, where such a vision will be guided by a continuing commitment to excellence.

The National Knowledge Commission is engaged in consultations with some of the foremost practitioners and academics in the country on legal education. Some of the key areas under consideration are:
  • access to quality legal education;
  • methods of attracting and retaining talented faculty;
  • identifying avenues for continuous curriculum development;
  • finding innovative solutions for infrastructure and administrative matters;
  • regulatory issues;
  • developing a serious research tradition that is globally competitive;
  • formulating a culture of sustained law training that meets the needs of the different sectors of the society and economy.
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