The recommendations of National Knowledge Commission have been crafted to achieve the objective of tapping into India's enormous reservoir of knowledge, mobilising national talent and creating an empowered generation with access to tremendous possibilities for the 550 million youth.
To accelerate the process of reform and to create a groundswell of public opinion, NKC invites everyone to


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Category 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Debate- A
India will realise its demographic dividend in the next 15 years
Asif Zafar Kerishma Malik Shekhoo S Raja
Debate- B
Vocational education and training courses should be introduced in all schools
Naina Karol Sadia Zafar Abhinav P. Nair
Essay - A
How can India unleash its innovation and entrepreneurship potential?
Raghav Mimani Ravindra Choudhary Vaibhav Garg,
Ravitheja Tetali
Essay - B
Expansion, excellence and inclusion – the three challenges of the Indian education system
Neeraj Kumar Singh Shashi Bhushan Singh Shailendra Hegde