National Knowledge Commission
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  NKC Consultations
  In order to ensure that the recommendations from the NKC represent the widest possible spectrum of opinions, an integral part of the NKC process is consulting with numerous and diverse stakeholders. For this purpose, NKC has constituted Working Groups and Committees, organized several workshops and seminars, as well as conducted surveys. Working Groups are constituted in areas which require a higher level and duration of involvement from experts. Seminars, workshops and brainstorming sessions enable wider consultations. Through surveys, the NKC attempts to reach an even wider base across the country.

Working Groups
  1. Libraries
  2. Language
  3. Health Information Network
  4. Undergraduate Education
  5. Medical Education
  6. Legal Education
  7. Management Education
  8. Traditional Knowledge
  9. Open and Distance Education
  10. Engineering Education
  11. More Talented Students in Maths and Science
  12. Agriculture
  13. Aqua Foods
  1. Translation
  2. Networks
  3. Literacy
  4. School Education
  5. Muslim Education
  6. Vocational Education
  7. Open and Distance Education
  8. Intellectual Property Rights
  9. Science and Technology
  10. Agriculture
  11. Libraries
  12. More Talented Students in Maths and Science
  1. Innovation
  2. Health Information Network
  3. Traditional Knowledge
  4. Entrepreneurship
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