National Knowledge Commission
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The National Knowledge Commission consists of six Members, including the Chairman. All Members perform their duties on a part-time basis and do not claim any remuneration for the same.

The Members are assisted in their duties by a small Technical Support Staff headed by an Executive Director seconded to the NKC by the government. The Commission is also free to co-opt Experts to assist in the management of its tasks.

The Planning Commission is the nodal agency for the NKC for planning and budgeting purposes as well as for handling Parliament related responses.

The methodology followed by the NKC is as follows:
  1. Identification of key focus areas.
  2. Identification of diverse stakeholders and understanding major issues in the area.
  3. Constitution of Working Groups of experts and specialists; organization of workshops, extensive formal and informal consultations with concerned entities and stakeholders
  4. Consultation with administrative Ministries and the Planning Commission
  5. Discussion in NKC to finalize recommendations in the form of letter to the PM from the Chairman, NKC
  6. Letter to PM containing key recommendations, first steps, financial implications etc. The letter will be supported by the relevant explanatory documents.
  7. Widespread dissemination of NKC recommendations to state governments, civil society and other stakeholders, also using the NKC website
  8. Initiating the implementation of the recommendations under the aegis of the PMO.
  9. Finalizing the recommendations based on stakeholder feedback and coordinating/following up the implementations of proposals
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